If you want to do something, you’ll find a way, if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse….

As you can imagine, in my work I hear a lot of excuses, normally I have a joke with my guys if they start to make excuses because they ‘couldn’t do their exercises’ I start to smile as they realise it’s not a valid excuse but they already know that.

It’s not just in exercise, people do it all the time, whether it’s about a new job or starting a business. I really like a quote from Jordan Belfort(Wolf Of Wall Street)

‘The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bull**** story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.’

The classic excuse is always lack of time, so I always reply with something stupid, ‘what were you doing at 5am this morning?’ The answer is obviously sleeping, but if they are desperately committed to what they are doing, they would get up then to do it.

So if you want to do something new/different, do it, don’t just keep it as an idea.



Being Lucky

Over the years, I have heard this phrase a fair few times.

In my opinion you make your own luck, some of my guys have said before about their new PBs , stuff like ‘fortunately it went really well on the day’, it’s not fortunate! You worked and trained hard for it. 

I have also heard that said about people in public with a flash car for example, them being labelled lucky, as well as people wishing for their job or their speed at running, but they don’t see that person doing their long hard hours at work or training, it doesn’t happen by accident.

There is so much of this said in many scenarios. ‘Right place, right time’ is another that springs to mind.

I don’t know if it’s a thing that people have always said but it really grates on me, having to talk down your achievements,  so, if you’re doing well at anything, be proud to say you did it through hard work and no luck was involved.



Never compare yourself with others

Whether this is in sport or work.

Keep your goals & achievements relative to you, if you start comparing yourself to people like Mo Farah for example , it can be very demoralising , whilst you respect their amazing talent, you have to keep it relative to you and be immensely proud with any achievements you succeed with, most of us have heard the saying about running your own race, to try not to keep up with others, you probably don’t know what sort of thing they’re doing or aiming for, you have to run your own race.

I’ve made this mistake more with business, I could compare myself to the Amazon owner who made £98 million a day last year, and easy think what’s the point, Il never get to that level, but you’ve got to do what makes you happy.



Lunge Challenge


Today I will tell you the story of great pain that I suffered, I’m guessing for most of my guys, you’d like to read this, some of whom I have already told about this.

A few years back now, me and my good friend Joe, embarked on a lunge challenge, for those of you that know it, at Beaulieu Aerodrome, we walked lunged 3 miles around it, which you would imagine is very painful, the funny thing is, after 1 mile, I had zero pain, my muscles had gone completely numb, if only I was numb to the looks we were getting by dog walkers etc. To be honest, it was a tad awkward, especially when one chap asked us what we are training for? To which we had no reply!!

After 2 and half hours, we completed it, that’s when the pain returned, luckily(unluckily) we are both Massage therapists, so we both had some massage afterwards, which was way more painful than all of it! 

The DOMS lasted 8 solid days, the next day was actually my birthday, my lovely wife and I went away to a nice hotel, which was 4 hours away, with no exaggeration, I couldn’t get out of the car, my wife had to drag me out and pick me up. Haha

Have a good one!



Good morning,

The key to any goals you may have, is consistency, to get consistency, you need to be motivated all the time, in order to be motivated, you have to enjoy what you’re doing, so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

It’s one thing I try to do most in sessions, is to make it fun, and also to have a laugh and a joke, otherwise it would be boring for my clients and for me to be honest.

A session I did the other day by myself, was a sprint session, I used the Astroturf here at work, I used the five aside pitch, what I did instead of just sprinting, I kicked a football down the other end and had to chase it and score at the other end, I know for a fact I worked much harder then if I just sprinted and really enjoyed it too.

So, find your motivation, make it fun, whether that’s going with a friend, or doing something similar to what I did.



Listen To Your Body

Your body is always telling you what it wants, what it does and doesn’t want to do, and a lot of us ignore it.

I did this a couple of years ago, I was training a footballer at work, At one point he kicked a ball back at me and when I went to catch it, it bent my little finger over, it really, really hurt, but I ignored it and carried on, after the session I actually went to the gym and lifted weights, did chin-ups etc. again, it hurt, and even crunched a couple of times but I just thought it’s just sore/bruised from being bent the wrong way.

The next day my finger had gone black and blue, I spoke to the physio here at work, they said I should probably go to A&E, when I did and went for an X-ray, it was confirmed I had broken my little finger, so then I had it in a splint for 8 weeks, very debilitating for some of my work, massage for example!!

What I don’t know is, If it was done by the football, or me stupidly working out after hurting it, it could well be the latter.

So next time you’re training, and you feel pain, listen to your body, it can make things worse and also make something else compensate, which could also be a problem later on, don’t be an idiot like me 😀


First Blog Post

Hi everyone

So this is my first ever blog post, so go easy on me.

I thought I’d start by sharing first world problems that I/personal trainers/coaches get.

As some of you may know, I’m very much into my cars, recently I met a friend for coffee, afterwards we decided to look around a main dealer car garage, we were there for around 40 minutes looking at various cars, and not one salesman came up to us to see if we needed any help. My friend had actually just received inheritance, so had the deal been right, we could’ve bought a car that day.

I can only put this down to what we were wearing, the usual tracksuit bottoms and sports hoody, if we were dressed differently, do you think they may have come up and spoke to us?

I like to think I look professional and some of the clothes Inwear are actually branded, but I do you get the feeling you get prejudged by people wearing these clothes, I generally get the feeling that people look down upon me or won’t talk to me in public because of what I am wearing, shop assistants even are less welcoming. Its such a sad thing that people prejudge someone like that.

I wonder how many people have lost business or even friends they could’ve had, just because they’ve prejudged someone on what they’re wearing and look like, Or you do talk to someone because someone has told you, ‘they’re actually a really nice person’

Anyway, let me know what you think.