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The key to any goals you may have, is consistency, to get consistency, you need to be motivated all the time, in order to be motivated, you have to enjoy what you’re doing, so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

It’s one thing I try to do most in sessions, is to make it fun, and also to have a laugh and a joke, otherwise it would be boring for my clients and for me to be honest.

A session I did the other day by myself, was a sprint session, I used the Astroturf here at work, I used the five aside pitch, what I did instead of just sprinting, I kicked a football down the other end and had to chase it and score at the other end, I know for a fact I worked much harder then if I just sprinted and really enjoyed it too.

So, find your motivation, make it fun, whether that’s going with a friend, or doing something similar to what I did.



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