Some people are more than others, it is so important in life to be, whether its for work or sports, it seems now that children(who ordinarily are very competitive) are being discouraged from being competitive.

At my children’s sports day recently, it shocked me how much the competitive edge has gone from sports days, they had a ‘Carousel of activities’ where everyone in their teams were getting a go at the activity, then being loosely scored, then at the end, the team with the most points won, they did also do some traditional sprints at the end which was far better, don’t get me wrong, its great that it encourages all the children to have a go, but in life, you have to learn to win and lose, that is life, and you learn more from defeat.

I also find it sad that this is the sporty kids day to shine in front of their family, in the same way the more academic children do at exams for example.

I referenced it as it was on the same day, the 75th anniversary of D Day, imagine the guys then going up the beaches, sheer terror, now, we are worried of offending parents of a child that loses or making their child cry, just because they lost, its incredible that it has come this far.

Sports days like this are rubbish In my opinion and I would welcome your views.


Bounce Back


Its funny, within a few minutes of meeting someone, with most people, you can gauge an idea of what they do for work.

The easiest one that I can pick up is when someone is self employed, through their unique line of questions and their understanding of things.

Whatever you do, has a effect on your personality, your passionate about what you do, it makes up part you and is a result of what has happened so far and it’s the same with your training.

So, if you have a few bad training sessions or races, don’t let define how your year is going to go, be patient, do whatever you need to, it’s all about how you react and bounce back from it, to not let it effect or define you as a runner, you learn most from failure, especially from an injury, you are(hopefully) going to be dedicated with your exercises from now on to stop it happening again for example.

Keep going…..