Use what you have wisely

I have been looking for a way to compare this for a while.

So, here goes. ‘ Lavazza‘ coffee is my favourite coffee and it’s what I use all the time, yet, there are places that it is served and it’s disgusting, yet, it’s the same thing like I have at home, so it is all down to the people who are making it.

They’re so many things out there like this, in my world it’s training plans and strength and conditioning plans, which are fantastic but used sparingly, which means you do not get any benefit from them, but they are themselves still brilliant, just not being used properly.

There has been people in the past that I’ve seen, who have revisited me with a new problem or reoccurrence of the same problem, and it just ends up with me re-prescribing the same exercises again that they have not been doing because it has felt better.

Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Use what you have wisely

  1. Lavazza is Gross, you should go Winchester Coffee Roasters and buy freshly roasted and ground coffee! Agree with the other bits tho, coming from a Chiropractic point of view! Back pain comes back when your back gets weak 🙂

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