Listen To Your Body

Your body is always telling you what it wants, what it does and doesn’t want to do, and a lot of us ignore it.

I did this a couple of years ago, I was training a footballer at work, At one point he kicked a ball back at me and when I went to catch it, it bent my little finger over, it really, really hurt, but I ignored it and carried on, after the session I actually went to the gym and lifted weights, did chin-ups etc. again, it hurt, and even crunched a couple of times but I just thought it’s just sore/bruised from being bent the wrong way.

The next day my finger had gone black and blue, I spoke to the physio here at work, they said I should probably go to A&E, when I did and went for an X-ray, it was confirmed I had broken my little finger, so then I had it in a splint for 8 weeks, very debilitating for some of my work, massage for example!!

What I don’t know is, If it was done by the football, or me stupidly working out after hurting it, it could well be the latter.

So next time you’re training, and you feel pain, listen to your body, it can make things worse and also make something else compensate, which could also be a problem later on, don’t be an idiot like me 😀


4 thoughts on “Listen To Your Body

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I got a stress fracture last summer and carried on running for 7 weeks until it got too painful to walk, let alone run. Then spent 4 weeks on sticks and a further 2 months in physio.
    Finally getting back to running but, hell it was frustrating (and painful)

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