Off Days

Sometimes you get these and you can’t figure out the reason why.

When you get a few of these in a row, it can feel like you want to give up, like you’re losing your mojo, but this is the exact time that decides if you reach your goals or not, you must stick at it, and figure out the reason why you’re struggling and take action with a different approach, injury related or not.

You will be kicking yourself if you give up or don’t do something about it, I have spoke to hundreds of people over the years that have completely lost their love of their sports, simply because they still haven’t figured what the issue is or they didn’t reach their goal because they gave up, where as if you take action at the time, it’s much easier to deal with it.

There has been a fair few occasions where I’m meeting someone for the first time and they say ‘I have had this problem for a while now’ In some cases, it’s years!!

Take action.