Simon Stevens

I can’t recommend the Running School enough. I tried it first a few years ago while recovering from lower back and nerve problems caused by a bulging disc. I had been running competitively for about 20 years. Paul Bartlett managed to demonstrate very quickly problems with my running gait that was losing me considerable speed. I did not realise how twisted and unbalanced I was. The brain is incredible at adjusting to whatever adjustments you make unconsciously to protect an injury. With a series of exercises and concentrated sessions with Paul, I slowly adjusted my gait and began using and strengthening my hamstrings and glutes much more. As a result my times went down so that in my later 40s I am achieving times I was getting 10 years before. And I think my chances of further injury are smaller. I could not have got here without Paul. Don’t think you can do this yourself by reading a book or looking in the mirror. I go back periodically to be reminded again of the muscles I should use for efficiently and balance running but don’t!