Age is a number

I hear this a lot at work, it can be used as an excuse not to start something new or to stop doing something, or at least to do less.

Some niggles you may get, you may put down to age but most of the time it’s just not true, allbeit the recovery process slows down, it may just be that your body is not functioning correctly.

I worked with a club runner a little while ago, it almost seemed overnight he started to significantly slow down in his running pace, so he thought it may have just been age, club mates were confirming that for him, but he came to see me and I coached him and he went back to his previous speed and then even got faster!!

So if you’re worried about an niggle, downward spiral in fitness or it being too late to start something new, keep at it, seek help if you need to, the old saying that you  ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, your body will adapt to anything you throw at it every day you’re alive, so go for it.



New years resolutions

The trick here is to not make them unrealistic and too difficult to achieve.

Ordinarily I chat to a couple of people every year at this time, who have decided a marathon is their goal, which is great, but they haven’t ran before or at least, not for a few years, so I will always suggest smaller distances first for example.

You need a short term goal and a long term one, and when you reach them, set higher goals, the key is to maintain motivation, so having nothing to aim for is just as bad as having a goal that is very difficult, above all, you need to enjoy what you’re doing, that way, it doesn’t feel like a chore.

We will all see the gyms etc. much busier for the first two weeks of the year, but then it goes back to normal, don’t be one of those people that has given up on their goals, simply by setting realistic targets that you can enjoy along the way.



Use what you have wisely

I have been looking for a way to compare this for a while.

So, here goes. ‘ Lavazza‘ coffee is my favourite coffee and it’s what I use all the time, yet, there are places that it is served and it’s disgusting, yet, it’s the same thing like I have at home, so it is all down to the people who are making it.

They’re so many things out there like this, in my world it’s training plans and strength and conditioning plans, which are fantastic but used sparingly, which means you do not get any benefit from them, but they are themselves still brilliant, just not being used properly.

There has been people in the past that I’ve seen, who have revisited me with a new problem or reoccurrence of the same problem, and it just ends up with me re-prescribing the same exercises again that they have not been doing because it has felt better.

Let me know what you think.


Be grateful for what you have

I was training the other day on the Astroturf here, doing interval runs, focusing on my running form and trying to get my rubbish left leg to work properly.

I get immensely frustrated when doing this, but then halfway through the session, a chap was walking around the Astroturf, and after a few laps I had a chat with him, he’s coming back from a hernia problem, he can just about walk and this is all he can do for a number of weeks now, which made me suddenly feel more grateful that I’m able to even run.

With all my clients over the years they’ve gotten frustrated when they’ve been 10 seconds off there PB for example, and I was the same when I ran competitively , but sometimes you just got to be grateful that you’re able to do what you’re doing, because there is likely to be someone wishing they could do what you can.


Practice what you preach

How important is this and how important is it that you look the part for what you do.

This came into my head the other day, there was a charity event here the other week, I won’t mention the charity, But a chap that was working for them and even had committee on his T-shirt, was frequently appearing outside my window behind the tree having a cigarette, constantly keeping an eye out for passers by, this charity works on Cancer.

Those of you that know me, know that I’m not a good advert for what I do, due to my rubbish left leg which I’m constantly working on!! 😀

So, How important is it that someone you work with has been there and done it or is still doing it? Does it have any effect on their effectiveness in helping you, or on the other side of things, does them being very good at what they’re doing, make them better at helping you?

Let me know your thoughts! 


Off Days

Sometimes you get these and you can’t figure out the reason why.

When you get a few of these in a row, it can feel like you want to give up, like you’re losing your mojo, but this is the exact time that decides if you reach your goals or not, you must stick at it, and figure out the reason why you’re struggling and take action with a different approach, injury related or not.

You will be kicking yourself if you give up or don’t do something about it, I have spoke to hundreds of people over the years that have completely lost their love of their sports, simply because they still haven’t figured what the issue is or they didn’t reach their goal because they gave up, where as if you take action at the time, it’s much easier to deal with it.

There has been a fair few occasions where I’m meeting someone for the first time and they say ‘I have had this problem for a while now’ In some cases, it’s years!!

Take action.


Worrying about what people think

I hear this so often, whether it’s they don’t want to go out running because what people may think, same with the gym and running events. Whether this is because of being body conscious or they feel too slow at running.

It’s sad to think that some people have not done their goals just because they’re worried about what people might think.

I know it’s not as easy as just ignoring the anxiety, those people that are going to judge, are going to regardless, Whatever it’s about, and it’s more a problem with them not you, where as most people will give you credit for doing what you are doing.

Get yourself out there and do your best, ignore them and achieve your goals.



Some people are more than others, it is so important in life to be, whether its for work or sports, it seems now that children(who ordinarily are very competitive) are being discouraged from being competitive.

At my children’s sports day recently, it shocked me how much the competitive edge has gone from sports days, they had a ‘Carousel of activities’ where everyone in their teams were getting a go at the activity, then being loosely scored, then at the end, the team with the most points won, they did also do some traditional sprints at the end which was far better, don’t get me wrong, its great that it encourages all the children to have a go, but in life, you have to learn to win and lose, that is life, and you learn more from defeat.

I also find it sad that this is the sporty kids day to shine in front of their family, in the same way the more academic children do at exams for example.

I referenced it as it was on the same day, the 75th anniversary of D Day, imagine the guys then going up the beaches, sheer terror, now, we are worried of offending parents of a child that loses or making their child cry, just because they lost, its incredible that it has come this far.

Sports days like this are rubbish In my opinion and I would welcome your views.


Bounce Back


Its funny, within a few minutes of meeting someone, with most people, you can gauge an idea of what they do for work.

The easiest one that I can pick up is when someone is self employed, through their unique line of questions and their understanding of things.

Whatever you do, has a effect on your personality, your passionate about what you do, it makes up part you and is a result of what has happened so far and it’s the same with your training.

So, if you have a few bad training sessions or races, don’t let define how your year is going to go, be patient, do whatever you need to, it’s all about how you react and bounce back from it, to not let it effect or define you as a runner, you learn most from failure, especially from an injury, you are(hopefully) going to be dedicated with your exercises from now on to stop it happening again for example.

Keep going…..


Cheat Days

You absolutely must have this if you’re being strict with your diet because you’re training hard……

I like to refer to it as treat day rather than cheat, a reward for all your hard work, if you don’t have this, you’ll go mad and you’re likely to be less effective, as what you’re doing will become more and more like a chore.

Iv heard tons of stories over the years of people giving up their favourite food, which I couldn’t imagine doing, mainly because I’m a 🐷, but even to the point where they won’t have honey on their porridge for example, now that is just painful to hear.

I do believe you should have more of what you like, life is for living, there is obviously a line where you can have too much, but you’re meant to be doing it because you enjoy it, making it too strict will take that away.