Never compare yourself with others

Whether this is in sport or work.

Keep your goals & achievements relative to you, if you start comparing yourself to people like Mo Farah for example , it can be very demoralising , whilst you respect their amazing talent, you have to keep it relative to you and be immensely proud with any achievements you succeed with, most of us have heard the saying about running your own race, to try not to keep up with others, you probably don’t know what sort of thing they’re doing or aiming for, you have to run your own race.

I’ve made this mistake more with business, I could compare myself to the Amazon owner who made £98 million a day last year, and easy think what’s the point, Il never get to that level, but you’ve got to do what makes you happy.



Lunge Challenge


Today I will tell you the story of great pain that I suffered, I’m guessing for most of my guys, you’d like to read this, some of whom I have already told about this.

A few years back now, me and my good friend Joe, embarked on a lunge challenge, for those of you that know it, at Beaulieu Aerodrome, we walked lunged 3 miles around it, which you would imagine is very painful, the funny thing is, after 1 mile, I had zero pain, my muscles had gone completely numb, if only I was numb to the looks we were getting by dog walkers etc. To be honest, it was a tad awkward, especially when one chap asked us what we are training for? To which we had no reply!!

After 2 and half hours, we completed it, that’s when the pain returned, luckily(unluckily) we are both Massage therapists, so we both had some massage afterwards, which was way more painful than all of it! 

The DOMS lasted 8 solid days, the next day was actually my birthday, my lovely wife and I went away to a nice hotel, which was 4 hours away, with no exaggeration, I couldn’t get out of the car, my wife had to drag me out and pick me up. Haha

Have a good one!



Good morning,

The key to any goals you may have, is consistency, to get consistency, you need to be motivated all the time, in order to be motivated, you have to enjoy what you’re doing, so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

It’s one thing I try to do most in sessions, is to make it fun, and also to have a laugh and a joke, otherwise it would be boring for my clients and for me to be honest.

A session I did the other day by myself, was a sprint session, I used the Astroturf here at work, I used the five aside pitch, what I did instead of just sprinting, I kicked a football down the other end and had to chase it and score at the other end, I know for a fact I worked much harder then if I just sprinted and really enjoyed it too.

So, find your motivation, make it fun, whether that’s going with a friend, or doing something similar to what I did.