Being Lucky

Over the years, I have heard this phrase a fair few times.

In my opinion you make your own luck, some of my guys have said before about their new PBs , stuff like ‘fortunately it went really well on the day’, it’s not fortunate! You worked and trained hard for it. 

I have also heard that said about people in public with a flash car for example, them being labelled lucky, as well as people wishing for their job or their speed at running, but they don’t see that person doing their long hard hours at work or training, it doesn’t happen by accident.

There is so much of this said in many scenarios. ‘Right place, right time’ is another that springs to mind.

I don’t know if it’s a thing that people have always said but it really grates on me, having to talk down your achievements,  so, if you’re doing well at anything, be proud to say you did it through hard work and no luck was involved.



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