Age is a number

I hear this a lot at work, it can be used as an excuse not to start something new or to stop doing something, or at least to do less.

Some niggles you may get, you may put down to age but most of the time it’s just not true, allbeit the recovery process slows down, it may just be that your body is not functioning correctly.

I worked with a club runner a little while ago, it almost seemed overnight he started to significantly slow down in his running pace, so he thought it may have just been age, club mates were confirming that for him, but he came to see me and I coached him and he went back to his previous speed and then even got faster!!

So if you’re worried about an niggle, downward spiral in fitness or it being too late to start something new, keep at it, seek help if you need to, the old saying that you  ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’, your body will adapt to anything you throw at it every day you’re alive, so go for it.



New years resolutions

The trick here is to not make them unrealistic and too difficult to achieve.

Ordinarily I chat to a couple of people every year at this time, who have decided a marathon is their goal, which is great, but they haven’t ran before or at least, not for a few years, so I will always suggest smaller distances first for example.

You need a short term goal and a long term one, and when you reach them, set higher goals, the key is to maintain motivation, so having nothing to aim for is just as bad as having a goal that is very difficult, above all, you need to enjoy what you’re doing, that way, it doesn’t feel like a chore.

We will all see the gyms etc. much busier for the first two weeks of the year, but then it goes back to normal, don’t be one of those people that has given up on their goals, simply by setting realistic targets that you can enjoy along the way.