Never compare yourself with others

Whether this is in sport or work.

Keep your goals & achievements relative to you, if you start comparing yourself to people like Mo Farah for example , it can be very demoralising , whilst you respect their amazing talent, you have to keep it relative to you and be immensely proud with any achievements you succeed with, most of us have heard the saying about running your own race, to try not to keep up with others, you probably don’t know what sort of thing they’re doing or aiming for, you have to run your own race.

I’ve made this mistake more with business, I could compare myself to the Amazon owner who made £98 million a day last year, and easy think what’s the point, Il never get to that level, but you’ve got to do what makes you happy.



2 thoughts on “Never compare yourself with others

  1. I definitely needed this today. I’ve been stressing about how slow I’ll be in Sunday’s Eastleigh 10k. I was saying to someone earlier that there will be people who finish in the time it takes me to do 5k. It doesn’t matter though as no matter how long it takes me, I’ll be raising money for a great cause for some good friends!

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